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Name:Alistair Theirin
The King
The Warden
The Exile
The last scion of Calenhad's line to sit Ferelden's throne, Alistair Theirin came to it reluctantly, at least at first, and with little experience to recommend him. Ferelden faced the Fifth Blight and a Civil War, and rather than let the daughter of a traitor rule, Alistair, bastard son of the late King Maric, was chosen. Many doubted his ability, and many still do, as he's proven to be a king of the people rather than a king of the nobility. He relishes this particular lack of popularity, and rules with his own variety of good sense, justice, and, despite what certain old acquaintances might say, a suitable dose of intellect.Alistair has never wanted anything more than to be a Grey Warden. When it was offered to him, he took hold of it with both hands, and despite his eligibility for the throne, he was grateful to be able to pass that responsibility to someone else. He fought against the Archdemon, and when it was defeated and the Blight ended, he was happy to go to patrols and fight the lingering Darkspawn until he became a thorn in Weisshaupt's side. The Wardens run on secrets, after all, and he'd found one too many. It was only a matter of time until he became a target - but at least it was a role he was used to.Forever will he curse the name of Mac Tir. At the Landsmeet, the Hero of Ferelden chose to grant Loghain the honour of becoming a Grey Warden, and treated it as if it were a punishment. The betrayal struck hard. With even Riordan approving the choice, Alistair was forced to turn his back on his nation, his Order, and his parentage in order to keep his life. He became a wanderer and a wastrel, going from town to town and place to place, doing what work he could find and spending what coin he owned on drink. The bottom of the bottle was preferable to the bottom of Ferelden's shoe, after all.

Mass Effect AU:
People fear what's different. When humans first started developing biotic abilities, the backlash was strong and immediate: no one trusted these freaks and the things they could do with just a thought. Worse, when humanity's first effort at teaching young biotics failed at Gagarin Station, there was a strong cry for humanity to simply put those mutants out of their misery. In response, Conatix went underground, working closely with the Alliance in the blackest of black ops. With deliberate, controlled eezo exposure, they created a small but elite band of soldiers known as the Templars - biotics whose abilities could cancel out normal biotics. Of course, power doesn't come without a price. No Templar can stand to function without a regular, weakened dose of eezo almost daily - but it's worth it, the Alliance says, for the edge the Templars just might give them against the other races of the galaxy. So far, they've been sent out on a select number of secret ops, always returning with the biotics they were sent to contain carefully leashed. To anyone else, they just look like normal Alliance soldiers. Only they and their handlers know the truth.

Alistair was "recruited" in his early teens. After his parents were killed in the First Contact War, he'd bounced from foster family to foster family, never really growing attached. Even in the relative stability of the Templar program, he didn't fit in, but some things are irreversible; he had to accept the fact that he had to make do with what he had, even if it wasn't what he wanted. In searching for some kind of reason to stay where he was, despite knowing of the inevitable decline if he stopped getting his doses of eezo, he decided there was an appeal to the order and organisation that a military life offered. He was good at following orders, good at combat, and even good at keeping troop morale up. After being dispatched to a few outbursts of biotic protest, he became convinced enough of his role - but he hasn't yet fully bought into the propaganda. In his opinion, there's a difference between biotics being threatening and biotics reacting to being threatened, but he doesn't dare let his commanders hear him say that.

This AU may also have appearances by xenophobic Cullen, addict Samson, Barris the Actually Decent Person (tm), their commanders Gregoir and Meredith, and one guy who will abandon his post for cookies.

Will Ship With:
Will Not Ship With:
--Hero of Ferelden (situational)
--Hawke (situational)
--Inquisitor (situational)
--Shepard (situational)
--Liara (situational)
--Carver (situational)
--Iron Bull
--Garrus (situational)
If your character isn't on one of these lists, please ask. I enjoy AUs and crossovers, but I tend to like to keep him in a similar setting to Thedas or the Mass Effect AU above.

The characters listed as situational are exactly that: I look at things like worldstate, writing style, and characterisation on a given character's profile and journal to decide. I may also turn down threads because I've already got a few going on, and don't feel like I can do justice to another.


Alistair is owned by Bioware/EA. I make no claim to copyright. The only thing I might have a claim to on this page is the ME Templar AU.
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